Baking and Self Expression

2 min readJan 13, 2021

By: Uzma Ferdous

While most of us would settle for a chocolate chunk cookie at Tim Hortons, we all have to admit that homemade cookies have a different level of satisfaction packed in each bite. Specifically, baking sweet treats gives you a chance to show a warm expression of love, gratitude, or appreciation to yourself or others.

Baking is Art

Creating yummy goods allows you to express yourself through a unique means of food! Since so much time and effort goes into preparing, baking, and decorating these adorable treats, they pack more than just sugar and spice. Decorating your cookies with pretty swirls and twirls of colourful icing will help to convey whatever is going on in that head of yours. As well, the flavours you choose to use will communicate the moods you feel at the moment. When you’re happy, you might want to add the sweet yellow sprinkles you got from Bulk Barn and never used. When you’re in love, you might want to add some red decorations and make some cute hearts on each cookie. Even when you’re feeling down, making your baked goods look exciting and taste great could cheer you up. Just like painting can convey feelings through colours and scenes, baking can do just the same. Through colours and flavours, you can express whatever is on your mind.

Communicating Through Cookies

If you are a person who finds it quite hard to communicate your feelings to others and you also love to create, baking is the perfect answer for you. It may be hard for you to tell your family in words how much they mean to you. However, you are creating an edible form of art that everyone can enjoy through baking. A batch of cookies that you bake for your family can demonstrate this gratitude. Seeing your creations bring a smile to others’ faces is the edible version of an “I love you”. There’s a sense of achievement that is irreplaceable. Baking can be your love language or your random act of kindness.

Now, whether or not you enjoy baking, it is always worth a try. It is much more satisfying and endearing than you might realize. Each step to each bite — it is tangible and expressive. Baking is a language of its own. Whenever you get some time on your hands, search up a cupcake recipe on Youtube and watch your mood convert into food. So go ahead and preheat that oven!