By: Ninthujah Suthaharan

What’s wrong with him

Living in this world, isolated from others

Imprisoned by his own shadows, they say he got nothing to offer

His PTSD got him traumatized forever

But why weren’t they there for him?

They left him alone to suffer

Now all he has, is his one and only identity

Destroyed by other’s thoughts, it turned into his #1 enemy

Flooded by unbearable fears, day by day

What better solution is there,

Other than to fly high away

So what’s wrong with him?

What’s wrong with her?

She’s too scared, she got OCD

Stay away…

My story of discovering the stigma around mental health

By: Uzma Ferdous

TW: Mental health illnesses, etc.

As a wide-eyed, outgoing youngster in elementary school, I was ecstatic to attend high school. I began planning the clubs I would join, imagining the people I would befriend, and formulating ambitious expectations for my high school experience. However, as I entered the large building filled with thousands of kids just like me, my previous expectations quickly disappeared. I was stunned and I slowly noticed that my sociable personality became a reserved and shy one. …

mental health

why is it seen less important

just because is it less seen?

a broken bone shows itself,

is put into a cast, and receives signatures.

depression is purposefully hidden,

given no treatment, and shown no love.

chronic disease is visited in the hospital,

given flowers and get well soon cards.

mental disorder is locked up in a psych ward,

given strange looks and avoided when released.

how is mental health different from physical health?

if emotions were graphed on a medical device

would you take them more seriously?

what do numbers have over emotions?

or explanations

or conversations

or a simple request for help.

why is the treatment of the mind so taboo?

we both take medication, see doctors for advice,

and end up happier and healthier by the end.

— elliana nath

By: Leigha Farley

“It’s not that hard to be happy,” I heard from the other side of the room. This statement was followed with a chorus of agreements — cohesive head nods and loud yesses in response — each sending a strong jolt to my heart. They find being happy the easiest thing in the world. In simplicity, it is. Finding joy in any possible situation is the norm nowadays.

However, being happy is hard when you physically feel numb. I know I’m supposed to be happy when I get a good grade or a friend tells a joke. I…

By: Shruti Jha

Most of the movies and TV shows we watch associate negative stereotypes with mental illness. They are often fit into at least one of the three subcategories: mad, bad, or dangerous. In Hollywood, a popular trope is to show someone with a mental illness react violently towards other people, usually by killing or maiming innocent victims. The few mentally ill people in media that don’t go on killing sprees are then fit into one of the other two categories: where they are cured by falling in love which somehow magically absolves them of any of their recurring…

By: Sobi Mohan

The main priority for most humans, in life, is school and work. Our daily lives consist of so many tasks that need to be completed and alongside that busy schedule, many of us forget to give ourselves time to rest and recharge. Self-care is a very controversial topic due to the fact that many people believe human beings are created to work, work, work. Although we are not robots, humans deserve to rest and take time to do something that brings them joy. After working for hours, isn’t self-care the least, we owe ourselves?

Self-care is different…

By Elliana Nath

Sometimes you may think of self care as expensive forms of treating yourself, like setting up a spa appointment for a professional to give you a facial or a full-body massage. Of course, these are great ways to care for yourself, but they are not practical or affordable for everyone — and certainly are not the only forms of self care out there. Self care does NOT require an exorbitant amount of money, nor do you have to do anything too big or out of the “ordinary.” …

By: Abbi Mohan

Self-care can include any kind of activity that you intentionally do to yourself to improve your mental, emotional and physical. Including self-care in your life improves your mood and even decreases stress and anxiety. The activity should be something that you enjoy doing not something that you feel forced to do. It is important to take time for yourself and allow yourself to rejuvenate.

Examples of Self-Care Activities

There are several kinds of self-care activities. They can fall into six different categories which include physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, professional and relationship self-care activities. Physical activities will help…

By: Ninthujah Suthaharan

What is self care?

Self care is using methods that take action to improve and take care of one’s own health. In specific, it means caring for your own health. This includes anything that you can do to keep yourself healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Self care itself sounds very simple and may sound like common sense for people to take care of themselves. However, this is one of many things that people tend to avoid or find challenging. Self care should be a regular and consistent practise. Unfortunately, people tend to prioritize self care only at…

The love-hate relationship between school and sleep, and its effects on academics

By Uzma Ferdous

When was the last time you’ve gotten that succulent, tantalizing 10 hours of sleep? Yeah, me neither. We’ve all been through those sleepless nights and coffee-ridden mornings. The homework, assignments, and pressure seem insurmountable. With this lack of sleep and added pressure from school, your academic performance may be at risk.

Importance of Sleep in School

Teens should be sleeping around 9–10 hours every night. However, the regular teen gets only 7 hours of sleep. Yet, I know we can all agree that 7 hours…


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